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Pre-FIT Consultation Request

Distribution System Generators

This form is for Generators applying for a Pre-FIT Consultation. Upon submission, your application will be automatically sent to Hydro One's Dx Generation team. If your project is 10kW or less , you do not need to complete this consultation.

Important: Customers or companies can submit up to 25 Pre-FIT Consultation requests and up to 25 Distribution Operating Map (DOM) requests at no charge. Please note effective October 1, 2015, any Pre-FIT Consultation or DOM request exceeding the 25th request (per type) will be charged an administrative fee. The following charges will apply for each additional request over 25 requests per type:


  • Additional Pre-FIT requests will be charged $16.00 + HST each
  • Additional DOM requests will be charged $12.00 + HST each


Note: The total number of requests submitted are calculated over the lifetime of each customer or company, and calculated by type, i.e. customers can submit up to 25 free Pre-FIT Consultations and up to 25 free DOM requests before charges apply.

All fields are mandatory (*), except where noted. This online application cannot be submitted unless complete.

For requests greater than 3 locations, those make take an additional 15 days.

*I acknowledge and understand the timelines.