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Hydro One Damage Claims

Hydro One is committed to doing everything reasonably possible to ensure the quality and reliability of our service. While we apologize for any disruptions to your electricity service, Hydro One does not provide compensation for damages resulting from power outages. We therefore recommend making a claim to your insurance provider.

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1.   Claims for damages caused by the interruption of, or irregularities in, electricity service are considered under Hydro One’s Conditions of Service, which are the contract between Hydro One and its Customers.
As referenced in the Conditions of Service section 2.3.1 - Limitations on the Guarantee of Supply, Hydro One does not guarantee a constant supply, or the maintenance of unvaried frequency or voltage, and will not be liable for damages or production losses to Customers by reason of any failure if this occurs.

Hydro One does not reimburse for any loss of profit, loss of revenues or other economic loss even if the loss is directly resulting from Hydro One’s negligence or willful misconduct. Please see further information in the Conditions of Service section 1.9 – Liability

Occasionally, Hydro One may need to interrupt a Customer’s electrical supply in order to maintain and/or improve the reliability of the distribution system. For planned power outages, Hydro One notifies Customers in advance by telephone, email, text message, hand-delivered notifications, media alerts or the Hydro One ‘Power Outage Map’ app. Prior notification does not occur in Emergency situations. Where notice of a planned outage has been provided, Hydro One may be required to cancel or reschedule the planned outage on short notice and may not be able to inform all affected customers of the change in advance. Hydro One does not compensate customers for loss or damage caused by or arising out of any such suspension of service or cancellation of planned work.

2.  Each claim is investigated to determine root cause. According to Section 1.9 of Hydro One’s Conditions of Service – Liability, unless Hydro One has been negligent, Hydro One is not liable for any damages resulting from the customer being connected to the distribution system. If the investigation determines that the damage was caused by acts of negligence or incorrect equipment operation by Hydro One, Customers may receive compensation except, as stated above, for loss of profit, loss of revenues or other economic loss.

3.   Claims related to service interruptions caused by lightning, wind, floods, storms, animals, fallen trees/branches on service lines and other such phenomena are beyond our control and are not eligible for compensation.

4.    Our goal is to notify you of the results of Hydro One’s investigation within 30-60 days. However, every claim is different, and there may be circumstances where the investigation requires additional time.

5.   In cases where Hydro One considers compensation, claim payments will be made only to the properly identified owners of the damaged property, unless the property owner directs otherwise, in writing. Payments will not be made to contractors or other agents of the Customer engaged in the inspection or repair of damaged property.

6.   Claimants are required to provide supporting proof of damages and losses alleged. It is absolutely essential that these documents be enclosed with the claims form for your claim to be admissible. Requests for such proof cannot be construed as an agreement to pay a claim.

7.      You may wish to contact your insurance carrier prior to submitting your claim to Hydro One, as your insurance coverage may provide compensation for the replacement cost of damaged items. If the claim is submitted to Hydro One and Hydro One decides to pay it, the amount paid is usually the depreciated value of the item, which is generally less than the replacement cost.

8.   Customers, including households, requiring a higher degree of security of supply than that of normal supply are responsible to provide their own backup or standby facilities and/or pay all associated incremental costs to supplement power supply in the event of power outages.

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